Short essay on summer season for kids

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172 Words Essay on Summer season for kids

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Essay on Summer Season for Children's and School Students - 10 Lines, 100 to 200 words

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Short essay on Summer Season

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Short Paragraph on Summer Season Category: Blog, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 4, By Kiran Summer is the hottest, longest and, in some respects, the most trying season in India.

Summer is the hottest season of the year however very interesting and entertaining season especially for the kids because they get chance to enjoy swimming, hilly regions, eat.

Essay On Summer Season : My Favourite Season

In this season days are long and night are short. This season bring us the hotness of sun because the part of earth is facing straight rays of sun is facing summer. Due to this reason the temperature of earth increase up to 0 c. Description: The summer starts in India from the beginning of March and continues up to to February the rays of the sun are soothing and we like to bask in the sun.

But in March the season changes. The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. We have provided an essay on summer season for kids and school students. Choose any one according to your need. 10 Lines Essay on Summer Season. 1. The summer season starts in March and ends in June.

Essay On Summer Season : My Favourite Season

In summer the days grow long and the night becomes short. The sun rises early in the morning. Rivers, ponds, and wells dry up in summer.

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Short essay on summer season for kids
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Short Essay on Summer Season ( Words)