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Masantol, Pampanga - History

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Philippine Legend: The Legend of the Guava

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Santol Fruit or (Sandoricum koetjape) and also known as Lolly fruit, Sayai, Visayan, and Wild Mangosteen is a fruit from indochina including the Philippines. Santol Fruit is. Aug 29,  · The sweet santol, the scented and mellow tampoy, the pink makopa vied for my favor.

9 Asian Fruits You’ve Never Heard of But Have to Try At Least Once

Father away, the plum tree, the harsh but flavorous casuy, the beautiful tamarind pleased the eye as much as they delighted the palate. The essay is the most important part of a college appllication, so you need to focus and make a good essay to convince the university accept you.

You even get help from essay. The guava fruit grows on a small tree with a wide, short canopy and a sturdy single to multi-stemmed trunk. The guava tree is an interesting plant with mottled greenish bark and long 3- .

Santol fruit essay
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9 Asian Fruits You've Never Heard of But Have to Try At Least Once