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The Farmer Essay- The Farmer Essay for Kids - The Indian Farmer essay in English for Kids of class 1,2,3 - The Life Of a Farmer Essay The Farmer Essay- School Essay On Indian Farmer (Life Of Farmer) The Farmer Essay / The Indian Farmer He remains happy if the crops are good.

But, if the crops fail, then his life becomes miserable. The.

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A Pakistani, farmer leads a simple, peaceful und contented life, His wants are few, and his only wealth in his land. If the harvest is good, he rejoices, but when there.

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A Pakistani farmer leads a simple, peaceful and contented life. His wants are few, and his only wealth is a land. If the harvest is good, he rejoices, but when there is a draught, his crops fail and he runs into debt.

Dec 16,  · A Pakistani farmer leads a simple, peaceful and contented life. His wants are few, and his only wealth is a land. If the harvest is good, he rejoices, but when there is a draught, his crops fail and he runs into debt.

Essay on pakistani farmer
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